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Transvac - Other Ejector Solutions

Other Ejector Solutions for Water Applications

Tank Mixing

Transvac Tank Jet Mixers are a mass momentum exchange device which uses the energy of pressurised liquid to entrain, mix and pump a secondary liquid. The principle is used for many process applications including blending, solids suspension, dilution and heat distribution.
In operation, pressurised motive liquid is discharged through the jet nozzle into the suction chamber. The change from pressure energy to kinetic energy (velocity) creates a region of low pressure that entrains liquid from within the process vessel via the open suction ports. The motive and suction liquid streams combine and mix under high shear conditions in the venturi diffuser. The resulting mixture is then discharged into the bulk of the process liquor as a high velocity turbulent jet

Example of a Tank Jet Mixer Ejector
Example of a Tank Jet Mixer Ejector

Tank Aeration

Transvac Venturi Aerators are a mass momentum exchange device which uses the energy of pressurised liquid to entrain, mix and pump air into a secondary liquid. Standard self aspirating units can operate at tank depths of up to 7 metres and offer typical efficiencies between 1.2 and 1.8 kg02/kWh at standard conditions. High alpha factors, simplicity, reliability and low cost make the Transvac Venturi Aerator a competitive with other forms of aeration equipment available on the market.
The action of the Venturi Mixer / Aerator is ideal for mixing balance tank effluent on industrial plants. The unit not only provides effective liquid / liquid mixing, but it also entrains atmospheric air to further enhance mixing and transfer oxygen into effluent

Example of a Tank Aerator Ejector
Example of a Tank Aerator

Liquid Dosing & Pumping

Transvac has supplied thousands of units to the process and allied industries. Using liquid as the motive force Transvac Jet Pumps can accurately entrain, mix and dilute a secondary liquid, eliminating the need for mechanical dosing pumps and mixers. In operation a high velocity jet of pressurised liquid discharged from the motive nozzle produces a region of low pressure in the suction chamber that entrains the secondary liquid. The two streams then thoroughly mix in the throat before the resulting mixture flows through the diverging cone to regain some pressure in order to overcome system discharge heads

Example of a Liquid Jet Pump Ejector
Example of a Liquid Jet Pump Ejector

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